fredag 22 januari 2016

December minibook

Hej alla PL-vänner! Jag visar en liten del av min December mini idag. Detta inlägget kommer att vara på engelska för en gång skull eftersom jag vet att vi kommer ha några engelsk talande läsare just nu! Hoppas ni har överseende med det :)

Two years ago, when my fiancé and me celebrated our first December together, I started a December minibook. It´s a 6x8 binder from Simple Stories with pocket pages. I decided that I´ll have three years worth of December memories in this mini. So this year marks the last one being documented in this book. I am not doing anything daily (as in the December Daily project that Ali Edwards do) and since I do Project Life every week this album is all about our December traditions and sometimes I do have double recordings, but for me it is all ok. What I have felt special about working in my December mini is that I go all in with glitter, cheesy wordings etc. It´s fun! 
Here is my first post showing a few pages in the mini. 

Picture 1 of What makes Christmas? by lisafisa

This is the first spread I added in this years edition. It´s one I made for the December gallery at WCS.  It talks about my favorites, the things that makes Christmas for me. You can read more about this here.

Picture 1 of Holiday nails by lisafisa

As this page shows, all different things that has something to do with the holidays go into this book! 

Picture 1 of Holiday baking by lisafisa

Baking is a big part of our December. I don´t do see through pockets very often since I don´t know what to do on the other side, but this time I solved that "problem" by using another chipboard sticker in the same size on both sides. 

Picture 1 of New  by lisafisa

I like to include the new ornaments/decorations we buy each year. This is also a fun place to use the numbers that come in kits during these months, even if you don´t do the daily thing.

Picture 1 of Lights by lisafisa

I am thrilled to be able to add longer journaling by doing double pages! 

I usually use these 12 2" pocket pages for dividers or just to add a few sequins etc. But then I saw someone share this idea to add letters to spell out a wording and knew I wanted to try it! 
The right side is a big photo with a sheet of transperency where I have added letter stickers. One of my new favorite things to do!

Thanks for stopping by! I´ll share more of this mini soon!

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